Free College for All Students with Good Academic Results

According to reliable researches, only 20% of undergraduate college students in the US come from poor families.

What does this prove? This proves so many things. If the figures are reliable, higher education in the US still remains the sole property of the rich. If the disparity is this strong in such a liberal society, some radical steps are needed to overcome the problem.

Obviously, an important solution that comes to one’s paramountessays mind is free college education to all brilliant students. Yes, that is a useful strategy for a number of reasons. First, it is a necessary step to ensure that those poor students have a chance to join higher education, thus improving their status in the long term. In the absence of this, the rich will continue enjoying sole access to higher education, thus taking away all the opportunities in every sphere of life. This, if unchecked, will further widen the gap between the rich and the poor.

Is that all? Not really. Another advantage of the free college education movement is that it will help more talented students to gain higher education instead of the rich ones. When college education remains a costly affair, what happens is that the ones who study are affluent, but their wealth does not indicate their capability or suitability for a college education. This results in a fall in the quality of college education, and the college education fails to meet its purpose. With free college education to all brilliant students, there will be more quality scientists, politicians, business entrepreneurs, and leaders in the society, thus making the investment worthwhile.

There is one more obvious advantage: it works as an incentive for students to work hard in their early education. With the realization that they have access to free college education if they perform well, many students will be encouraged to work hard and excel in their studies. In addition, filled with intelligent students, colleges will become places of radical thinking, innovation, and improvement. Given free access to education, intelligent minds will engage in quality researches in various areas, thus ensuring continued progress of society.

Well, some people talk of expenses. It is a fact college education is a costly business and offering everyone free access to college education can burn a hole in the public exchequer. However, they fail to take all the aspects into consideration. First, the free college education is offered only to the students who perform well academically, and this does not include everyone. Second, the investment is returned in many ways in the long term. For example, a well-educated society is more careful about its health, has fewer crimes, and actively engages in political activities. That means the huge expenses otherwise involved in these areas can be brought down, thus compensating for the loss incurred through the free college education.

To sum up, there is enough reason dissertation help service to argue that brilliant students should have free access to college education. With this opportunity, they will return much more to society through their contributions in various fields.